Mempool Data Archive

Blocknative has opened up access to its Ethereum historical mempool data archive, inviting everyone to engage in open research on Ethereum. This resource is available for public benefit to enable researchers and community good projects.

If you want to use this data for commercial use, contact us at

Learn more about the archive

Blocknative actively maintains the most comprehensive historical dataset of mempool transaction events within the Ethereum ecosystem. This collection contains >8TB of archive data representing >16 billion transaction detection events since November 1st, 2019.

Blocknative logs all mempool transactions from nodes in multiple geographical regions for the Ethereum mainnet blockchain.

Read more about the archive in our Documentation (full data schema available).

Join the Mempool Data Program

The Mempool Data Program is a group of researchers and community contributors actively engaged with the Blocknative mempool data archive.

If you want to connect with peers, share insights about your research, receive guidance on utilizing the data effectively, and connect with the Blocknative data science and product teams, click "Join the Community" to apply to our private Telegram group.

Visit the Research page to view content from the Mempool Data Program community (posts, papers, tweets, etc).